Should I Test for Mold?

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Should I Have My Home or Office
Tested for Mold or
Inspected for Mold?

Testing or the presence of Mold will depend on the visual inspection and Sampling plan produced during the visual inspection.

Sometimes mold testing is not necessary. For example, if there is a known roof leak that led to mold growth in a known, confined area, you should take appropriate actions, including fixing the roof leak and having the mold removed in an appropriate and safe manner.

There are many situations where taking a mold test does not add any value and is not necessary. However, if you are purchasing a new home and suspect that evidence of a water problem or a mold problem may have been covered up, then mold testing might be helpful. So whether you should have mold testing performed depends on your actual situation, a thorough visual inspection, your budget and specific concerns.

Here are situations for you to consider: If the mold testing results will not affect what you do, then you probably don't need mold testing. 

You may only need the visual inspection and a Mold Remediation Protocol that is the followed by the Mold Testing to establishes that the structure, contents or systems of your home or office have been returned to a normal fungal ecology or S-520 Condition 1

Situation #1
You have a roof leak has led to mold growth in the attic and ceiling of a bedroom, testing and identifying the mold would not change the fact that you should fix the leak and have the mold removed.  Here an visual inspection and protocol are necessary.

Situation #2
You are about to decide to purchase a home, having evidence of unusually high levels of mold spores in the house could significantly change the terms of the real estate transaction or even whether the transaction continues. So Mold Testing to establish the S-520 condition of the home would be helpful. Of course you would still want the visual  inspection to ensure that there are no hidden reservoirs of mold growth.  The visual inspection is also vital in knowing the cause and origin of any possible mold found in any air samples that were collected.

Remember mold tests are not perfect. False negative and false positive results do sometimes occur. Mold testing results are one piece of information, sometimes an important piece. But other pieces of information are also needed and are more important and should always take precedence over the mold testing results.

I am referring to the pieces of information collected during the visual inspection of the property is always essential for a good mold investigation and always more important than the mold testing results. So sometimes mold testing is not necessary but itís always necessary to have the Visual Inspection.

For peace of mind for your specific situation, you should consult with a qualified mold inspector.

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