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Orlando Indoor Allergen Inspection and Testing
For many people who suffer from allergies, a visit to their doctor's office for a consultation and treatment options is a common occurrence. People sometimes look towards medical treatment that can alleviate their allergy symptoms without considering what may be causing the condition in the first place.

While there are many common allergens that can be found in the natural outdoor environment, there are also many allergens that may be present indoors that can often be addressed. Although people can develop allergies to many substances, some of the more common indoor allergens include:

          • Mold
          • Bacteria
          • Pet Dander
          • Insects
          • Rodents
          • Dust Mites
          • Plants & Pollen
          • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
          • Latex

An allergic reaction to these and other allergens can occur in sensitive people if these allergens are breathed, touched or ingested. Some people may be allergic to more than one indoor allergen and repeated or long term exposure to any of them may worsen the condition. Exposure to substances like tobacco smoke, along with the allergen, may make the condition worse for some people.

By identifying their presence indoors, in many circumstances people who suffer from reactions to these indoor allergens can take proactive measures to dramatically reduce their exposure by removing the source. Fortunately, there are testing procedures and professionals who specialize in testing indoor environments to identify these common allergens. Regular cleaning, washing and keeping the humidity in low are also beneficial steps for allergy sufferers. Choosing products and home furnishing that do no emit chemicals or act as a reservoir for allergens can also help.