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If you are looking for a home in Central Florida your search for a Builder begins right here.

This list includes many of Central Florida’s Premier Home Builders.

All of the Builders listed come with a Strong Recommendation from Microshield Environmental Services.

These Builders have made a commitment to their Buyers to provide the highest level of Indoor Air Quality available in the housing industry today. Request Microshield and the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) services we provide on the next home you buy.

MicroShield Builder Partner Cahil
MicroShield Builder Partner SouthPoint
MicroShield Builder Partner Westmont
“John Lapotaire is a very genuine professional who takes each and every endeavor very seriously from working with Boy Scouts of America to helping solve indoor air quality issues and pretreating homes for mold prevention. He takes pride in what he does and makes sure no stone is unturned when completing a task. I highly recomend John Lapotaire for any job or indoor air quality professional advice you may be seeking.”
"John Lapotaire has extensive training and experience in the Indoor Air Quality field and is highly qualified. John's company, MicroShield Enviormental Services is the only IAQ company I recommend to my clients and I recommend him knowing our mutual clients will be completely satisfied with his work and professionalism. I am proud to be associated with him.”
MicroShield Builder Partner Goehring & Morgan
MicroShield Builder Partner Goldleaf
MicroShield Builder Partner Homes by Carmen

“John Lapotaire has a buisness acumen most clients look for and appreciate. He has performed several tasks over the past few years with outstanding results.” Expert, Good Value, On Time".

“John Lapotaire is a professional who always delivers quality service on time, in budget and with confidence to exceed expectations. Before going anywhere else, ask him for advice and trust you will receive the best answer within the industry.”
MicroShield Builder Partner Signature Homes
MicroShield Builder Partner Westbrooke
MicroShield Builder Partner Charles Clayton
“John Lapotaire's knowlege and expertise in the field of indoor air quality and moisture is outstanding. A true professional and a pleasure to work with.”
“John Lapotaire has been a trusted collegue and service provider to me for the last five years. I consider him to be an expert on construction methodology in the residential field which lends further credence to his ability in the specialized field of indoor air quality rating and consulting. I would not hesitate to obtain services from John at all and trust the results would be completely to my satisfaction.”
Osprey Custom Homes
MicroShield Builder Partner Akers
MicroShield Builder Partner Rick Eden
“John Lapotaire did an excellent job finding the source of the water damage that others had not been able to locate. He made great recomondations and had our problems solved quickly. MicroShield will be the only company I'll call for services next time."
MicroShield Builder Partner Heidenescher
MicroShield Builder Partner Bryant
MicroShield Builder Partner Americas First
“John Lapotaire has abundant industry and product knowledge. He is by no means new to this industry. He is top notch when it comes to trouble shooting and eliminating the problem.”
MicroShield Builder Partner Lamco
MicroShield Builder Partner Americas Home Place
MicroShield Builder Partner Sovereign
“John's knowledge of the Environmental Services he provides gives you a feeling that you know the job will taken care of. YES, I highly recommend John to do the job.”
MicroShield Builder Partner Marshal Bone
MicroShield Builder Partner Stoughton
MicroShield Builder Partner Standard Pacific
“John pays attention to what the customer wants, and gets it done. He is cheerful, customer focused and mindful of details. I'd work with or hire him anytime.”
MicroShield Builder Partner SSW & Bush
MicroShield Builder Partner Kish
“I have worked with John Lapotaire for many years. John is one of those people that when he does something whether work related or projects outside of work he does it hundred percent, he is definately a perfectionist. If we ask John to do something whether big or small he takes it and runs with it. Professionally anyone that hires him would not be disappointed.
Marshall B. Bone
SSW & Bush
Stoughton Homes

If you are a Microshield Environmental Services Builder Partner and you don’t see your link and Logo listed please send us your logo and we will add you as a Valued Building Partner right away.